While different people continue to devise new ways to test a potential partner for different reasons, a rather ambitious woman has taken the game to a whole new level.

An unidentified woman, whose idea of testing a man’s generosity was to go on a blind date with 23 members of her family, was left in utter shock, shame and a huge bill to pay after her not so thoughtful plan backfired, rather harshly.

The woman and her date, 29-year-old Mr Lui, were introduced to each other by Mr Liu’s mom who had grown worried about her son as he had been single for some time. According to report, the date took place at a restaurant in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang.

While the evening, no doubt, turned into a rowdy banquet, it seems as if things didn’t quite go as planned because her date with did a runner.

While Mr Liu was willing to pay for her meal to impress her, he was left in shock when his date appeared with 23 members of her family. After the meal, he insisted that the woman and her family pay for their share as he didn’t realise her entire extended family would be joining them.

This meant that she and her family members were left to foot the $3,100 they had accumulated.

Speaking to Chinese media about the incident, she appeared less than pleased as she explained that she did that to test her date’s generosity before committing to the relationship.

As expected, this has developed into the age-old debate about who should take care of the bill.


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