Why you need to set boundaries

    Setting boundaries
    Setting boundaries

    Boundaries are becoming more and more important in this age of constant messages. Productivity is becoming secondary to information, we are being “friended” by people in countries far and wide, our families are being scattered in this global economy and we are just bombarded on a daily basis with do this or get that. It is critical that we set boundaries for ourselves, our business and our families.

    It has been said that you are the equivalent of the five people you surround yourself with. If that is true then you need to set boundaries for each of the 7 Key Areas of your life and only let in your intimate circle those who have the characteristics that you desire.

    Some try to attribute this only to your financial life. However, you must separate and create those boundaries in each of the seven areas to maximize whom you want to become as a person.

    Spiritual Boundaries is the first area that we will address here. What is your belief system and who possesses the qualities that you most admire and desire. What ever your beliefs are there are those people that you could emulate and participate with. Find those key individuals, causes and organizations.

    Social Boundaries are the area that most people relate to when thinking of boundaries. Whether it concerns friends, family or co-workers. There are those whom you wish to be with and those that you should avoid. Based on your value set and goals, you can define the group and or individual relationships that you should continue.

    Mental Boundaries there are certainly things that you should allow into your mind and those that you should not. Based on your goals, you must define and stick to what you allow into your mind. There are plenty of distractions that are fun and temporarily fulfilling. However, there are only a few that are profitable and good. Choose well what you allow your mind to be a part of.

    Emotional Boundaries are those boundaries that you set in place to protect yourself from you (the destructive side) and others who do not have your best interest in mind. Emotional barriers allow you to control the process of protecting your “heart”.

    Physical Boundaries are those that have been established by culture. People who talk too close, talk too much or enter your personal space are rejected socially because of their lack of knowledge with regard to physical boundaries. There are criminals who lack the discipline to stay away from other’s possessions or persons. Those are all physical boundaries that are handled by laws.

    Financial Boundaries are those that are set personally. Most people relate those to a personal or family budget. Setting those financial barriers allows each individual or group to maintain a certain standard. Some choose to live above and some choose to live below those standards. Whatever your standards are, you must have those preset boundaries to help you achieve the things you set out to achieve. Another financial barriers is your work ethic or focus. With it you can determine a life of poverty or a life of opportunity.

    Material Boundaries refer to those things that you acquire, how you live or how you separate yourself from those around you physically. Many people fence themselves in and shut out the outside world. Others create boundaries with toys. Other still create boundaries with private subdivisions. This separation can be positive, but can also take on a darker negative characteristic as well.

    These 7 Key Areas of boundaries constitute the major cause of lack of focus and mental depression. Allowing yourself to be affected by those around you that although externally may act or say that they have your best interest at heart, but do not understand the underlying causes or pain can create a long term negative affect on you and your family.

    Create your boundaries and maintain them by understanding the areas and what you can do to define them and stick to them. Boundaries are a positive set of choices you make to control your own destiny. Choose today to be a boundary marshal. Marshall in a new area of self control and discipline.

    Rob Wheeler is a father of 4 boys and a devoted husband to his wife Linda. He hails from Lexington, KY. He is a real estate investor, internet marketer and author of 5 books (so far). Rob has worked for such companies as IBM, Sirius, The Breakers Hotel and the Boca Raton Hotel and Club. With IBM, Rob traveled the world and called on many Fortune 100 companies. His experience is both national and international in nature. Rob loves interacting with people in all cultures and is a practiced people watcher.


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