Why We Should Care About Legacy Traits From Day One

    As a very curious person, I often engage in an intra-personal conversation, where I basically try to ask and answer questions myself. Funny? I know, but very useful. The childlike curiosity I have is one thing I believe still pushes me to find things out. I am sure i inherited this from my mother.

    In recent times, I’ve been asking myself a particular question that has refused to produce an definite answer. It’s weird because when I hit a brick wall, I try to look for something to clarify or erase the vagueness confronting me. However, in this case, it’s a bit different.

    The question I’ve struggled to answer for myself is simple: when is the right time to commence developing my “legacy traits”? Is charting the path of a legacy at an early age worth the hassle?

    I believe “legacy” is what one creates, sustains, and leaves behind for the next generation. These are hopefully great acts and things that can be replicated and preserved for posterity. Meanwhile, traits are distinguishing characteristics human beings have. It is why we know who is or was good, bad, selfish, generous, timid or outspoken and so forth.

    I asked myself this question because many times I’ve heard and even seen how comically
    conscious people get when they have children. For many, having a child or children is a life-changing experience that compels them to make a complete u-turn on how they used to live.

    It’s indeed very interesting that many begin to watch how they live, behave and talk when they have children featuring on the screens of their lives. In my opinion, it seems many parents are afraid of the “monkey see… monkey do” syndrome that children have. Hence the fear of displaying the wrong attitude in the presence of children because we are somehow, even if for a minute, all thinking of the legacy traits we are imprinting in the minds of our children.

    My bewilderment lies in the question of why many people truly start caring about societal norms and expectations when they have their own children? I mean, that thing you now see as a problem, was always there, right? So why is there a sudden sense of urgency to get right or be left. This sudden care about what the younger generation sees and hears has a stench of hypocrisy. 

    I strongly believe the time to make life-altering changes is now whether you have a child or not. Legacy traits matter either way.

    It’s easier for a good person to be better for the sake of the younger generation. Though it isn’t impossible, it would be more tasking for a terrible person to make an overnight change for the same reason.

    As Christians, we must always care about the traits we create and sustain on a daily basis. We are the bible others are reading .

    The behavior and antecedents of Jesus Christ is His legacy. It is the reason more is usually expected of Christians in any conversation.

    What is the legacy you are already creating for the next generation? Is good or evil? No matter what, start today and watch the fruit of your legacy traits blossom.

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