I Wonder Why Many Christians Are Gullible?

    By Janette Walker

    Now there’s a question, and I doubt I’m the only one asking or wondering about it.

    You need to know upfront that I’m a Christian. I almost hate using that term because nowadays the word is associated with “hypocrites” and I don’t want to be considered a hypocrite but the truth is, I’m a sinner. Am not close to perfect in any way, and although I want to do what’s right, I fail time and time again. That’s why I need Jesus. It’s only through Him I have any hope of reaching heaven.

    That’s my belief and I’m sticking to it.

    Back to gullible Christians. I’m going to use one example in as much as many come to mind. I may write an article regarding others, but for now, I want to focus on one person in particular not because I have any ill will toward the gentleman but it’s just he’s a great example of how gullible Christians are.

    Back in 1973, a man named Mike Warnke wrote a book entitled The Satan Seller. The book tells of Warnke’s orphaned childhood and his introduction to Satanism as well as detailing Warnke’s participation in sexual orgies, alcoholism, and drug dealing; his rise in the ranks of Satanism to the level of “high priest”; presiding over Satanic rituals including magical spells, summoning demons, ritual sex including a ritual kidnap and rape; the attempt on his life, how he found Jesus and yadda, yadda.

    The book launched Warnke into stardom within evangelical communities, and Mr. Warnke’s ability to deliver punch lines to leave your gut aching and your soul lighter gained him stardom in the Christian world as a Christian comedian. His 1978 album, Hey, Doc!, became the most popular Christian comedy album ever produced.

    Anyway, in 1985 Warnke received national coverage when he appeared in the first major news report on Satanism. After his appearance on 20/20, he became a well-paid expert on Satanism. He was frequently cited as an expert on the occult by Christian radio host Bob Larson and the Chick Publications stable of authors. Six years later, allow me to repeat that SIX years later, and millions of dollars richer, Cornerstone magazine launched an investigation into Warnke’s life and testimony, and guess what folks? That investigation turned up damaging evidence of fraud and deceit.

    Unfortunately, the Christian community went after Warnke as though he had rabies which, in my opinion at the time, and still stands today, was completely wrong and not at all in keeping with what Christ would have done. However, the one thing Christians are good at is shooting their wounded instead of attempting to heal, love, accept and forgive them. I believe the reason Christians reacted so strongly against Warnke when the truth came out was that they had fallen for the created lie hook line and sinker. Heaven forbid they point the fingers at themselves and say, “Well gosh, we never did check the man’s story out for ourselves.” They were angry because they’d been deceived, as though it has never happened in history before. But then, why were they deceived?

    I believe Christians are gullible because more often than not we want so desperately to see a “sinner” find Christ, especially if that person was a worse sinner than any of us could have ever been. (Though most people, Christians, tend to forget that to GOD, sin is sin and he doesn’t have a 1-10 scale to cauterize our shortcomings. There is no better or worst in His eyes.)

    When we hear of someone’s ‘testimony’ and think it’s better than ours, we sometimes place that person on a pedestal while taking our eyes off Christ and looking to man for wisdom instead of Christ. This is when and how we become gullible.

    I’m a wife, mother, daughter, and child of God. I don’t have all the answers, but I try to point people to THE ONE who does. I make mistakes, and I’m a sinner. It’s why I Love Christ. He holds me up when I don’t think there is anything left. I enjoy reading, writing and playing video games.

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