Whose Opinion Really Matters In Your Life?

    MannaXPRESS Peoples-opinion-e1571684301177 Whose Opinion Really Matters In Your Life?

    By Femi Adeniran

    I have seen too many people worried and bothered about what other people think or don’t think about them.

    Some people are so weighed down right now by sleepless nights over other people’s opinion about their life. Some are even sick to the point of death because someone thinks they are no good. How sad!

    The easiest way to bury your destiny and puncture your future is to give a listening ear to what others think or do not think about you. In fact you don’t need the devil to attack you no more. You are as good as living in hell with the Devil himself when this happens.

    Although I respect other people’s opinion about me, I don’t give their thoughts the permission to determine what I do with my life. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion quite alright but my mental and emotional health come first. 

    So many of us think that other people are seriously thinking about us. This is nothing short of the “fallacy of misguided thinking.” People are preoccupied with their own lives; you are merely a passing thought. An opinion of you is formed in seconds and life goes on. Then why in the world are we bothered by the fleeting opinions of others about us? If they think you are a jerk, good for nothing, bossy, lazy head and so forth, that is their headache and not yours.

    Why allow other people’s opinion put you in prison while they walk freely?

    Why let others people’s opinion drown your inner voice?

    Why permit the unlimited to become limited because of allowing people to think for you?

    Would you rather spread your wings and fly away or stay chained to the ground by the opinion of others?

    Now listen to this – There are only two main opinions that should count or matter in your life. God’s and your opinion of yourself.

    God’s opinion is your primary priority. If God thinks you’re good, then you are good to go. Your primary concern should be to know God’s opinion about you and this is expressly revealed in His word. When you have this revelation, live by it and watch the manifestation of His presence in your life.  There won’t be a need to sulk but every reason to soar!

    Secondly, your opinion about you matters a great deal. Whatever you think you are is who you are. Even if other people see you as a nonentity and senseless, see yourself as sensible and intelligent. The more you do you, the better you get at conquering and winning in the battle of opinion. Remember, nobody can make you feel inferior without your own consent. It is time to get better and decide whose opinion really matters in your life, marriage, career, family matters and so forth.

    Drive yourself to the point where you become so highly opinionated until negative opinion about you disappears into oblivion. Let people call it pride or whatever. The bottom line is as long as it spurs love for yourself, you are good to go.

    Strive to win this battle on a daily basis. In as much as people will attempt to castigate, rusticate, and barricade you with their invalid opinions, you must tell yourself It doesn’t really matter because God has the final say and I will do what makes me happy.

    Femi Adediran is a Dallas, TX based writer. He can be reached at Olufire@gmail.com

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