Where Have You Placed Your Seeds Of Confidence?

    Ever wondered why we love to marry words like “build” or “grow” with other words like “trust”, “love” and even, “CONFIDENCE”? There are thousands of adjectives we prefer to associate with the aforementioned words, but there’s something about “building” and “growing” that identifies with the idea of starting small or taking an interesting journey with oneself, someone or even something. 

    Human beings are born tabula rasa. This means that we are born without knowledge of anything; hence, we are naturally tasked with learning via practicing things we see, hear and read in order to form character and personality which helps create a distinguishable pattern among individuals in society. Interestingly, the same goes for confidence. No one is born with confidence, and neither are we born timid or with fear; nonetheless, in life’s inevitable natural progression, we all find bespoke ways to build, grow and maintain confidence.

    For some, confidence comes with acquiring or having something they’ve always wanted. That new dress, new car, money, or business deal (men will relate to this the most). It is true that the aforesaid are actually the nice things of life many of us want or need. However, entangling the ability to burst into confidence and sureness to a form of happiness rooted in trusting fleeting things, is a grave and common mistake. I’ll take it a step further to say it is synonymous with making the best recipe for creating cameos of confidence in the reel of life.

    This is why in building and growing to become confident persons, we must realize that holding on to something that cannot waver or wane with the times is a no-brainer. But for God, who will I be? Adopting methods that appreciate and accept one’s strengths and weaknesses: one’s unique humaneness is imperative in the quest towards growing in confidence.

    I must quickly add, that even when the core of one’s source of confidence is unshakable, there will always be great, mid and bad days. These are days of high, average and low confidence or zeal to act. The great thing about this is that, on high or low days, your confidence tank will never be empty because the source is right. In essence, your perspective will steadily be “glass half full” because you know in what or whom you generate what gives you that exclusive panache. 

    I suppose the questions we should ask are: where have you placed your confidence? 

    Have you accepted that being human means perfection is a journey and not a dash? 

    Beyond acquiring the good things of life with money, is there any gravitas to your persona? Do you really have substance?

    Where have you placed your seeds of confidence? 

    Kindly share with us in the comments section. 

    Ogo loves to write on diverse subjects.

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    1. I’ve placed my confidence in God
      Absolutely and completely
      I’ve tasted and seen that He can’t fail me!!
      Beautiful piece right here!!!

    2. I’ve placed my confidence in God
      Absolutely and completely
      I’ve tasted and seen that He can’t fail me!!
      This is so beautiful


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