Where Are the Christian Men?

    By Caroline Therancy

    [dropcap]F[/dropcap]inding a Christian man that really values, respects, loves you, only for you, is easy when you God is in the process.

    Yep! That’s right.

    Christian single dating can be lots of fun! If you’re a Christian woman who is sincerely interested in dating a Christian man, I’ve got a great secret for you.

    Become very clear about the qualities that you want in a mate.

    In fact, many women, just like you, are having fun with the Christian single dating process. Many have found their husband. They are now living a fulfilled and happy life because they have followed the tips in this article.

    Sound interesting?

    You bet.

    Here’s how you too can enjoy the Christian single dating and find a perfect Christian man.

    1. First of all, involve God in the steps.

    After all, God desires you to find your perfect soul mate. He wants you to be very happy. Involve Him.

    Women, who don’t do this, have a little bit more problems in the Christian single dating process. They find non Christian men who aren’t on the same “page”; they aren’t about a committed relationship.

    However, those women that involve God in the process find their perfect mate. Pray to God about what you’re looking for in a mate. Trust that He will send you your perfect mate.

    2. Secondly, be open and alert.

    Next, be open and receptive to receiving your ideal guy. You might see him at church, meet at summer camp or even when volunteering.

    The possibilities are countless. Therefore, you have to have unshaken faith that God is sending you the ideal mate.

    You have to not get discouraged by the dating experience. You need to take it as a learning experience and truly get involved in the process.

    Imagine yourself with the guy of your dreams. Trust that he will manifest with the exact qualities that you are looking for.

    3. Enjoy dating and keep an open mind.

    You have to ask for discernment to be able to recognize him when you see him. Don’t allow your unmet physical needs to fog your judgment.

    For example, let’s say that you meet someone who you think is your perfect mate. He is extremely handsome, sexy, has a dream job, seems great with kids and it looks like he wants a relationship. However, you have an underlying suspicion that something is not quite right with this man.

    After that, you then pray for discernment; you feel that the message is to take it slow and to be careful. Well, after only 5 dates you actually conclude that your dream Mr. Right is actually Mr. Wrong.

    He is moody, not respectful and has a bad temper. Since you are wise enough to listen to your gut (God) that he is not right, you definitely dump him. A short time later, you meet and wed Mr. Right.

    4. Don’t keep your dating project a secret to all.

    Communicate to other Christian minded people (especially happily married couples) that you are looking for a guy. You just never know, someone might know a man that is absolutely perfect for you.

    5. Hang out where the Christian men hang out.

    There are many great places where you can meet really fun and spiritual Christian men. In fact, the more you open your heart and mind to the possibilities, the more you’ll see that they are all over.

    Here are some popular places you can meet Christian men:

    a. Get involved in the Singles activities groups at church and attend Spiritual events like retreats.

    b. Involve yourself in spiritual endeavors that helps make the world better. You’ll soon find that your ideal guy is also participating in this type of activity.

    c. Visit Christian single dating site forums. By becoming involved in online discussions, you will get an insider eye into places where you can meet Christian men, like retreats, conferences, etc.

    Maybe you might even make a “love connection” with someone who is visiting these sites.

    However, since you’re basically meeting someone on the web, be careful until you get to know them. If anything doesn’t “feel right” in your gut, listen and heed the warning – God is telling you something.

    d. Join a Christian single dating service. All over the web, there are Christian dating services that match interested Christian’s people who might be interested in meeting people like you.

    In conclusion, finding a Christian man is not necessarily hard. You can find a guy who not only shares your love of Christ but also wants to settle down with a good woman like you.

    Don’t forget to involve God in the process and enjoy the adventure of Christian dating. In addition, never, ever, ever give up searching for him; your dream Christian man is out there waiting and praying for you also!

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