When parents have to step in

    By Nellie Shani  

    [dropcap]A[/dropcap] distraught mother of a seven-year old boy, asked if she could come and share something personal with me.

    Our talk revealed that Steven (not his real name) was having problems. She told me that the boy had strange behavior and that his teacher had called her to ask her if everything was all right at home. Steven had started to become withdrawn, wanting to sit by himself at break time and was not concentrating in class.

    The boy also had a problem with eating. At meal times, he always said that he was not hungry. Joyce (not her real name) told me that she had tried everything to make the boy eat to no avail. He would go to the bathroom to wash his hands before every meal and would keep washing his hands until someone went to the bathroom to check on him. After he came to the table and sat down, he would look at his hands and go to the bathroom to wash them again.

    As Joyce and her husband were both Christians, she told me that they would pray with the children every evening before they went to bed. At prayer time Steven would have weird behavior. He would jump around and try to stand on his head or hum tuneless songs. He would basically be a distraction the whole time they were praying. As a result the prayer times became tense, as mum and dad spent half the time correcting misbehavior from Steven.

    She told me that she also found a note in Steven’s room, which said, “In Steven’s kingdom there is lots of food.” She found this note curious only because it concerned food. Steven did not like to eat and she wondered why he wrote that note.

    When Joyce brought Steven to our home one day after school, I was shocked! He looked like a child that was suffering from acute malnutrition! His head looked too big for his emaciated body and there was a vein protruding on the side of his head. When he walked, he would stagger around like someone being blown about by the wind. He also seemed to have trouble concentrating. His eyes just kind of roamed around the room.

    Steven’s mother and I had prayed a lot about this meeting and had asked God to take total control and give us wisdom.

    I don’t think that I was adequately prepared for what the seven year old told us. I asked him why he did not eat and he told us what there was always sand on his hands. Whenever he would wash them the sand would appear again. When he came to the table and tried to eat, the sand would drip onto his food! It would have been easy to blow this information away as the fantasy of a seven year old, but through past experience God had taught me to always take children seriously – Satan does!

    He went on to tell us that there was someone who came to his room every night as soon as the lights were turned off. I asked him to describe this person and he told us. That it came as two red eyes. He said that as soon as he closed his eyes he would see the red eyes in front of him.  “Does it talk to you?” I queried. “Yes. It comes and tells me that it will enter me through my head.”

    Steven said that after it entered his head they would leave the room and fly outside to the home of a lady who had hundreds of children and who gives them a lot of food. They would go to many places. He said that where they go, he is a commander. I asked him whether the being ever came to school and he said that is was always sitting next to him in class and would talk to him all the time. He said that at break time it would also follow him everywhere.

    Steven had shared enough for us to know that Satan was messing around with this child. I asked him whether he liked this person or being and he said “Yes”. I explained to this little boy about the fact that if this were his friend, he would not put dirt on his hands when he tried to eat.

    He eventually admitted that this was a “bad friend”. We asked him if he would allow us to get rid of this being that would disturb him every night and he said “Yes.” We prayed for Steven and cast out the evil spirits that had entered him, in the name of Jesus Christ.

    Later on he told his father that, “When mummy and aunty were praying, I saw my friends turning into ugly creatures and running away.” With the kind of training that Satan was giving him, he would have started worshiping this being very early in life.

    Steven started to eat normally and his behavior at school changed. Today Steven is Eighteen years old and his “friend” has never visited him again. He has since accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. His parents have continued to disciple him so that the “vacated rooms in his life are not left empty” (Matthew 12:43-45). I am in touch with his mother, and Samba is doing fine; praise the Lord!

    Nellie Shani is a Counselor, Conference speaker and writer. Her first book, “Stand Your Ground,” is now available on amazon.com, Barnes and Nobles and on her author’s website: http://www.strategicpublishinggroup.com/. http://ebooks.faithwriters.com/category-list.php?cat=8

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