What to do when serving God becomes boring

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    Bored with church

    By Gillian Nantume

    There is a time in our lives when we are on fire for God. We do not have to be reminded to pray – we literally talk to God every other minute as we do our work. Sunday service is a must and we are angry when we have to skip Bible study because of traffic jam or work. At this point, the mind is literally crawling with God. Then, one day, you wake up to the realization that the fervor is gone. It did not disappear overnight; it just crept up on you, slowly and surely. Church becomes boring. Probably your prayers were taking too long to be answered or remained unanswered. So, you go a week without having a heartfelt talk with God. Praise songs in church turn you off and there is nothing to thank God for.

    It is time to acknowledge spiritual detachment

    You probably miss the person you were; that person who walked on eggs around sin. The first step to get back on track is to admit to yourself that you have detached spiritually. After admitting it to yourself, rush back to the Bible. Jesus sent letters to the churches of Asia in which he basically told them to remember how they used to be, then repent, and work towards being right with Him (Revelation 2:5). This is what a fallen Christian should do. 

    Sometimes getting back on your feet is not a battle that you can fight alone. You need company.

    Bored Christians should seek assistance from lay leaders, Christian friends and mentors. Giving up is not an  option.Before you seek help, try to diagnose the cause of your boredom. If you have to visit another church to find out if the problem is the church or yourself do so although a lot of times people church hopping are running from frying pan to fire.

    Are the groups you’re associated with weighing you down? 

    Sometimes, Bible study – which is the foundation of any church – is boring because the leaders are out of touch with life, their spiritual texts do not speak to your situations, needs, and lifestyle. Spiritual growth is important, although some reach a peak at some point in time. You should move from one level to another. If you are stunted then you have to be filled with the Holy Spirit. 

    Talk to a christian counselor 

    It may take months for you and the counselor to unravel what is causing your boredom. However, the good news is that once you know the cause, you can agree on the intervention. Spiritual growth is about taking baby steps in prayer. The first simple step you should take is to ask God to make you aware of His presence in every situation of your life. Ask that everywhere you turn, you see His fingerprints.

    You will struggle initially

    It takes grinding, hard work, accountability and the willingness to do what is needed to have a dynamic prayer life again or for the first time. Here are some ways to overcome our prayer struggles:

    Our relationship with God begins with our heart. Since we live a busy, tiring, and stress filled life, we often forget about our heart. We live in denial that everything is okay. When in reality, our heart is broken. Stop! Slow down! And be completely open and honest with God.

    Confess your sins
    Confessing our sin is imperative for freedom to occur in your life. You can’t hide sin from God, but when we try, we are only hurting ourselves.

    Eliminate distractions
    Ever notice that it is hard to have conversations with other people in loud places, busy places, and when you are trying to do other things? Same thing with God. Find a quiet place that is your holy ground. Is it in your bedroom, prayer altar, closet, back porch, in the woods, or in your car? Find that place and allow no one or nothing into it except the Holy Spirit.

    Be grateful
    Nothing else is better than thanking God for who He is, what He has done, is doing, and what He gave for you and me. When our Heavenly Father becomes the greatest thing in our life, nothing else can compare to the glory of who He is. Let Him know that. He is a jealous God and rightfully so.

    I pray the Lord will intervene and your dry season will be over as quickly as it came, in Jesus’ name. 


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