What Happens When You Decree A Thing By Faith?

    Have you ever decreed anything and it came to pass? This authority, God gave to all, who qualify and use it, so that they may enjoy its blessings. And until you use this authority, the enemy will keep hindering God’s best from coming your way. Therefore, you’re encouraged to decree a thing and God will establish it unto you.

    If you return to the Almighty [and submit and humble yourself before Him], you will be built up [and restored]; If you remove unrighteousness far from your tents,… And make the Almighty your gold And your precious silver, Then you will have delight in the Almighty, And you will lift up your face to God. You will pray to Him, and He will hear you, and you will pay your vows. You will also decide and decree a thing, and it will be established for you;… – Job 22:23-30 (AMP, emphasis mine).


    A decree is an official command that has the backing of the full force of law. And to establish is to put up something on a permanent foundation. So, when Christians decree a thing, they have the full backing of God and it’s permanent. Also, when Christians decree things, they establish the will of God on earth that it be as it is in heaven. Unfortunately, many believers are not exercising this authority in Christ, which is by word of mouth in faith.

    What Do You Decree?

    For you to decree and it’s established, you have to take the word of God and speak it out. This will put God’s word to work to create His will in your life. Also, decreeing God’s word is to engage the backing of God, the highest authority, both in the spiritual and physical realm. So, choose to decree God’s word over your life, family, situations, or the challenge facing and it will be established. Remember, the Lord created the world by His spoken words. Therefore, decreeing the word of God is engaging the creative power in His word

    How To Qualify To Use This Authority

    Based on Job 22:23-30 the following are important steps to take in order to use this authority:

    1. Return to God

    The first thing to do to decree a thing and God will establish it unto you is to return to the Lord. This is to repent of your sins and receive Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour. Then, God will translate you into the kingdom of His Son Jesus and position you to use this authority.

    2. Keep away from unrighteousness

    Sin is what separates us from God and we can’t have His backing when we’re not within His territory. So, you must keep away from iniquity to exercise this authority.

    3. Make the Almighty your treasure

    Another important thing you must do is to make God your treasure, for where your treasure is there your heart will be. Also, it will make you delight yourself in the Lord. This will cause you to spend time in His word and then speak it. And the word is what the Lord establishes.

    4. Be prayerful

    In prayer, you commune with the Father and register your voice with Him and in the spiritual realm. And when God hears you in prayer, then when you decree a thing, He will hear you and establish it.

    Truly, the spiritual realm must hear your voice ahead of the physical realm. Remember, the spiritual realm controls the physical realm. So, spending time in prayers unto God equips and qualifies you to speak the word and it will come to pass.

    What Happens When You Decree A Thing

    When you decree a thing, the light of God’s favor will shine on your path and establish it. So, God’s favor is the catalyst that initiates the establishment of the decreed word. This is such that when you’re cast down and you say, “There is a lifting up” God will answer and save you. Also, He will even rescue someone you’re praying for, though not innocent, because of the purity of your hands.

    Biblical Examples

    Many believing Christians decree things and God establishes them. However, looking at the scriptures we have examples like Elijah and Paul.


    Elijah was a man of prayer, always standing before God. And when he decreed that it will not rain for three and half years and it was so. Also, when he called for rain, God heard him and established it.


    This was another man given to prayers, whose voice was registered with God and the Lord always established his decrees. For instance, when Elymas tried to turn away the deputy, Segius Paulus, from the faith, Paul pronounced blindness on him and it was so.


    Truly, with your mouth, you can decree a thing and God will establish it unto you. And when you understand, believe, and exercise this truth, your life will be what the Lord ordained from the beginning. This is because; as you decree God’s word you will enjoy peace, success, joy, and victory over the enemy. Therefore, position yourself for God’s backing and never fail to decree His words at all times.

    Ngozi Nweke is the founder of Steps with God, a Christian blog centered on how to enjoy God’s love and fellowship, peace, victory and success in life and an author of “Peace Money can’t buy” and “The Man Jesus” www.stepswithgod.com. She is a believing Christian aspiring to be like Jesus, a teacher, speaker and counselor. She combines the world of science with the world of writing and traveling.

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