What Book Are You Writing?

    Everyone who has made an attempt to read this article has gone through the pages of a book before. Whether for pleasure or knowledge’s sake, where many find common ground is in knowing that every book has a unique appeal, just like life.
    Though writers always distinguish themselves in the plot’s execution, they all follow the chronology of the beginning-middle-climax or end for good reasons. This is most times to establish a proper backstory for the protagonist and antagonist.

    Books appeal to different people for a myriad of reasons. As a child, I remember only being drawn to very colorful books especially those that had beautiful drawings in them. I would sometimes just open the book to look at the content page. Then, I’d read the first and last pages to give myself “spoilers” before reading the book properly. This weird book ritual of mine was a way to kill any shock value buried in the different chapters of each book. However, I always ended up surprised when I eventually read the whole book. The ritual never worked.

    I believe everyone is a book and we write the pages of different chapters as we spend our time on this earth. We also get to choose whether our life’s account fits the genre we hoped for when we started.

    My childhood book reading ritual, recently threw me into a state of soliloquy. I wondered how men would behave if they possessed the Alpha and Omega attributes of God.
    What would change if we all saw the beginning and the end of what we have come to know as our personal universe of existence?

    Whilst some may see the aforesaid as food for thought, one can guess that the opinion of avid readers is nothing that rivals the experience of reading the different chapters of a book. There’s just something about going through the pages of a book the exact way it was written by the writer.

    I strongly believe the same goes for life and God’s ultimate design. We should pray to God for the spirit of patience so we never yearn for “spoilers” like I loved to do as a child. Rather, we should seek to learn lessons from the process of what life’s various chapters offer. The takeaways are aplenty in great and not-so-great times. Just like books depend on uniqueness for sale, our lives depend on the same if we plan to leave Godly legacies for the next generation.

    It’s needless to try to plagiarize others’ life ideas just because it looks more colorful. Fancy and beautiful book covers often act as shrouds for an underbelly of ugliness. Your account can only be yours and that’s a fact.

    However, it’s not a terrible idea to learn from those who have written or are writing great books that align with our Godly values. Irrespective of the length of our individual books, the key is to write with God’s benevolent word of direction.

    I pray for everyone who has read this article today, that God’s word will remain a guiding light of direction and that we all finish the books we have started in life.

    Ogo Adelakun writes on diverse subjects related to everyday living.

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    1. This is a brilliant and insightful piece. As the popular saying goes “Trust the Process”. The joy is in the thrill of the tale, not the euphoria of the end.


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