3 Ways To Conquer Being Lazy And Uninspired

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    3 Ways To Conquer Being lazy



    By Sergei VanBelinghen

    Being unmotivated and uninspired is, unfortunately, a very easy pattern to fall into and can also be a harmful way of living. You begin to lie to yourself, make plans but never follow through. You make resolutions but then repeat the same habits. So how do you overcome this and get motivated?

    Do you dislike taking the initiative, working or even going to the gym? Do you hate getting up early? Do you not have time for anything? Do you keep postponing the work you have to do? And often ask yourself why you keep procrastinating?

    If any of these habits sound familiar to you, then you are unmotivated, uninspired, and even becoming a never-do-well. These patterns are the behaviors of a failure, and that is what you will be if you continue on this path. But why is a person lazy, unmotivated or uninspired?

    Well, one of the reasons is because you are happy with dreaming. You want to be famous, rich, dating sexy partners, buy a yacht or a jet, own a luxury car, have a house, get a vacation home, and yet at the same time, you do not want to do anything. It is just a deep wish inside your fantasy!

    Countless of people do not want to anything, but they want to have everything.

    You hate work. I understand. Just the idea of work makes you start throwing fits and building plans on how to avoid doing it. When you were a child, you hated waking up early, going to school, doing homework, studying but were forced to do all of these things by your parents anyway. Under their supervision, and over your young years, these habits were set up in your brain.

    Nowadays even technology comes into play. No matter if personalized or not, it is created to make you feel unmotivated or uninspired most of the time. The reason I say this is because it has a downside. Its purpose, after all, is to reduce all hard work and get you things faster, easier and with minimal involvement.

    The Path Full of Hopeful Intentions 

    The path to lacking in enthusiasm is full of hopeful intentions. You might say that you are going to get more done tomorrow, but feel just as uninterested and unimaginative when you wake up the day after as you did today.

    These days, you can buy food, clothes, liquor, groceries, medicine, films, taxis, meetings and even sign agreements without moving from your couch. You can even talk to anyone from anyplace in the world visually, verbally, or textually.

    So, are all of these things making you more or permanently unmotivated or uninspired?

    Of course not! Because you still playing sports, hanging out, partying, going to pubs, meeting your friends, going on vacation, on dates, shopping, and all kind of other things in the name of fun.

    Now, you realize that your laziness is selective. It is prejudice. It only focuses on certain aspects of your life, which you honestly find annoying. You dislike working, studying, learning, researching but love doing everything that is fun. So it is all about preference.

    Being Unmotivated and Uninspired is an Excuse 

    Being unmotivated and uninspired, by definition, is not a disorder. It is not something you are suffering from but is rather an excuse. The truth is, you want to be successful, but you do not want to work for it.

    But let’s take the case of a dog chasing you, lazy or not lazy, you are going to run your ass off. Why?

    Walking unmotivated or lazily, in that case, is not a choice. Here is a typical guy’s example: If a girl calls you and says “Come on over” or “My parents are not home,” you do not stay there wondering what it is you should do, you get up, take a shower, and make a run to her place. The laziness again disappears. Why? Well, this time is for fun!

    So to be lethargic or unproductive is ultimately just a habit. People are unmotivated or unproductive when it is convenient for them. It is a personal choice based on the freedom you have. It is like when your boss orders you to finish and submit some work in two hours, you do not have the same convenience, so you do that work, or else you will get fired.

    Likewise, if you study on the last day before your exam because you ran out of time, now you find yourself having no choice, or you will fail. Therefore when you do not have a choice, you are not unmotivated and uninspired anymore. But when you are on your own, you find it convenient to sabotage your own life.

    Are You Truly in Charge?

    As a result, when it comes to things where you are in charge, which is your life, most of the time you seem not to care much. Despite what you feel or say, you do not want to be successful in reality, because those who do are working like hell.

    Being lazy and uninterested takes advantage of your willpower. It is okay to feel down at times, and you might probably miss a day or two every once in a while, but you have to get back on the horse. You need to remember that not feeling motivated or inspired is a habit, not a personality trait.

    But be honest with yourself. If you can work hard to get laid, maintain relationships, hang out with friends, party, actively be part of a social life, chat on Facebook, and play video games for hours on end, and the only things you are avoiding are somehow work-based, then you are lying to yourself.

    So the truth is that most of us are unmotivated or uninspired because we have not yet taken full control of our lives. We are still unconsciously waiting for some authority, supervision, guidance or a manual to make us do things. We do not realize that we have moved past that phase, and it is not going to happen.

    Three Ways to Change Your Patterns 

    There are at least three ways to change your unmotivated and uninspired patterns by creating particular habits that you can add to your routine to transform it.

    Accept Control of Your Life 

    You are on your own. Your parents now are your supporters, and your friends see you as only an element of fun. Most of them have no interest or investment in your success. They do not care. They will be sad for a minute if you fail, but they will most certainly move on.

    Therefore, unmotivated and uninspired, your life is right now in your hands only. You are its master. You are the captain! As a result, accept control of your life and actions.

    Remember What You Have to Do 

    Remember what your parents had to do to get you where you are right now. Even then, you did not want to study or do chores. You rather desired to sleep and only have fun, but they pushed you.

    So now, in their absence, since you are the master of your destiny, you have to push yourself. The responsibility is now yours. Get yourself up. Scream on yourself if need be or if you are wasting time. Punish yourself if you have to.

    If you have plans for the day or tomorrow, but did not study, work or do whatever you were meant to, then drop those plans. Discipline yourself. Being unmotivated and uninspired is a choice. You are choosing not to work or study. And by making that choice, you are going against your evolution.

    End the ‘Being Unmotivated and Uninspired’ 

    Usually, whenever you have some work to do, you tell yourself that you will start later, in 30 minutes, the afternoon or tomorrow. Meanwhile, in that time frame, you text messages, check out pictures or look at your social media.

    You are surrounded by millions of choices, options, and sources which are pushing their content on you. It is addictive, great, compelling content and these companies’ goals are your permanent subscription, and to get you hooked on it.

    Now, these people are doing a fantastic job because it is their job. But because of them, you are screwing up your work and your life. You are being unmotivated and uninspired to do your stuff. But still, the blame falls on your head because you are the one who has to manage your time.

    The truth is that most of us are consistently good at lying to ourselves. What do you gain from lying to yourself? You are in charge of your life. It only proves that you do not value yourself enough, that you see yourself as a has-been or never-will.

    Tips to Overcome Laziness and Lack of Inspiration

    • Look forward to doing the work as it is the fastest way to get more done.
    • Get enough sleep and try to get on a regular sleep cycle.
    • Start your day with positive self-talk and affirmations.
    • Figure out when it is your best time to work and then do most things during those times.
    • Stay away from social media to avoid being unmotivated and uninspired to act on more important.
    • Exercise at least three times a week to release endorphins which improve your overall mood.
    • Use a goal tracker to set specific goals for yourself and mark off when you do them.
    • Eat healthy as it can affect your overall energy.
    • Get help if you feel stuck.
    • Go easy on yourself as there are days that won’t feel right.
    • Listen to energetic music that makes you feel active and productive.
    • Break your work into small steps, so you do not get too overwhelmed.
    • Change your environment to stay motivated and inspired.
    • Surround yourself with productive people who inspire you.
    • Expand your interests and skills not to find yourself being unmotivated and uninspired.
    • Fix a schedule for working and breaks.
    The only way to overcome these habits is by taking action. You have to understand the value of time. If not, someone else will take your place or create your idea because they are not playing around. Remember that there are no excuses and surely no cure for being unmotivated and uninspired. The only solution is you and self-discipline. So start now!

    Sergei VanBellinghen, Self-Improvement & Success Expert, Founder of First-Class Lifestyle& SergeiVanBellinghen.com It’s not just about ending the 9 to 5. It’s about the lifestyle of earning more, working less, and enjoying life! Find Out How… Visit my Website http://sergeivanbellinghen.com and come to discover how I can afford to stay home and travel anywhere I want.


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