US Father Claims Kingdom So Daughter Can Be Real Princess

    MannaXPRESS princess_2-4 US Father Claims Kingdom So Daughter Can Be Real Princess  A US dad wants his children to know he’ll do anything for them. Many people help their sons become princes and daughters become princesses by giving them gifts such as makeshift crown, sparkly clothes or robes. One outstanding dad from America has gone a step further by claiming an uninhabited East African piece of land. He calls this land “kingdom” so his seven-year-old daughter can be a princess.

    All this started when Jeremiah Heaton’s daughter asked if she can ever be a princess. Jeremiah wrote on Facebook that he couldn’t have told his daughter no. He told his daughter that one day she will be a princess. The little girl is not like any other girl; she is not the type that takes empty promises. But thank God, the American dad was serious. Jeremy said he always does his best not to make empty promises to his children. He says that he didn’t have an idea how he would honor his daughters wish, even though he knew he would find a way.
    Weeks later, he discovered Bir Tawil, a desert territory, which is 800-square miles and falls between Sudan and Egypt. “Interestingly, Bir Tawil is a piece of land that is not claimed by any Man or Nation,”he said excitedMannaXPRESS princess_3-4 US Father Claims Kingdom So Daughter Can Be Real Princess  with his discovery, he took a flight to Egypt then later travelled 14 hours in a caravan to plant a flag, which he designed for his kids, on the soil of Bir Tawil. He says that Egypt has full support on his “physical claim on the land”. Emily’s dad said that after being proclaimed, Bir Tawil shall forever be known as the Kingdom on North Sudan, which is established as a sovereign monarchy of himself as the head of state and Emily becoming an actual princess. He also said that Emily’s official name is “princess Emily”, as it reminds her how he loves her, and what he can do to fulfill her wish.
    MannaXPRESS princess_4-4 US Father Claims Kingdom So Daughter Can Be Real Princess
    Jeremy said that one of Princess Emily’s wish is to ensure that all children passing through her kingdom would have sufficient food. The family discussed how they could turn North Sudan into an agricultural hub. Meanwhile, Jeremy still needs to get his “ownership” recognized first by Egypt and Sudan, then the entire world.

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