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    [dropcap]S[/dropcap]o many of us give up easily out of fear of the two-lettered word NO. Opportunities, promotions, increase, respect, and more have slipped away from us because of the surge of discouragement within us when the word “no” slips into our ears. For those who are conscious of their authority to trample the word “no” under their confident feet, even the sky is not their limit.

    I have a good friend and classmate who doesn’t take “no” for an answer except when she believes it was meant to be. In 2009, she came on holiday to the United States from London, England, where she was based. During her stay in America, she met some ladies selling a weight-loss product, and they invited her to a meeting. She attended and liked all she heard and saw about the product. The clincher was the paycheck one of the distributors showed her. She was blown away by the figures and made up her mind that night to join the company. Although an attorney by profession with no previous experience in multi-level marketing, she was confident she would not only make it but climb her way via hard work to the top of the ladder.

    The next day, she called the company to see if they had a branch in England. There was a big problem–they didn’t have a branch in the United Kingdom and didn’t have plans to open one in Europe in the near future. Their focus was only the American and South American markets. Instead of hanging up with resignation, my friend asked them to consider allowing her to be their main distributor in England. They turned down her offer. Once again, she made up her mind to persevere, because she believed their “no” would become tomorrow’s “yes.”

    For the next four months, she made it a point of duty to call the company in Las Vegas at 4 p.m. (British time) after she got home from work every day. The only days she didn’t call were Saturday and Sunday. One fateful day in the fourth month, the company finally traded their usual “no” for a “yes.” Like the parable of the widow in the Bible who pestered the wicked judge till he got irritated and granted her wish, I am sure my friend’s persistence did a similar thing to the staff of the company, aided, no doubt, by her determination and the possibility of their product succeeding in Europe.

    Shortly after, some members of the company’s top management came to England, met with her, and officially launched their product. My friend rolled up her sleeves spiritually and mentally, because she knew it was time to prove her promise. She had an intense desire to succeed and started holding meetings and inviting people at every given opportunity. She said that for the first meeting where she showcased the product, she had a lot of food, drinks, and snacks for the 30 guests who came. After eating and drinking, she brought out the product, and nobody bought any. Instead of letting her mind wonder, she encouraged herself and held on to the fact that she was going to succeed no matter how long it took. By the time she had the second meeting and pitched the product with so much passion, most people bought it without hesitation. The rest of this inspiring story is truly remarkable.

    In six months, she had recruited many people and built a solid team that eventually totaled more than 20,000 members. She became the U.K.’s first platinum president and was bringing in 2,000,000 pounds each month for the company. With all her hard work came a very fat monthly paycheck in the six-figure range and the birth of her career as a public speaker.

    Although things have slowed down tremendously and the product is on the extinct path, my dear friend is forever grateful that she did not settle for the word “no.” As a result of her success, her personal worth doubled, unimaginable offers still come from other companies and, in recent times, she landed a dream position in government.

    This is why we must make up our mind to overcome the fear of the word “no.” Take charge today.

    May Oyairo
    May Oyairohttp://www.mannaexpressonline.com
    is the Founder and Publisher of MannaXPRESS.

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    1. Seriously May, this is an encouraging story. Many “No’s” could have turned to “Yes” if only many of us have an attitude like this. Good job!

    2. Lord please give me the grace to stop shying away as soon as I hear the word No. Help me to be the over comer I am and to trust in You no matter what is before me. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, amen.


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