Trust God Instead Of Worrying About Your Problems

    Open your Bible to Psalm 62:8 it says… Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us. Go ahead and highlight that scripture.

    God is going to turn your situation around! How do I know? Because the Bible says to cast your cares on the Lord. God wants you to know that your problem is covered when your faith and trust are in Him. That’s a Word straight from the throne of God for you today.

    Your thinking shouldn’t be about worrying about your problems. Instead, you should be thinking about what God is about to do with your problems. Shout your victory! Faith is in operation when you’re thanking Him for something you don’t feel or see yet. Every problem the devil sends your way, God has plans to turn it around to your benefit. No need to worry! God has not forgotten you!

    The devil wants you to worry about things all day! But if you listen to the devil you will lose your joy, your shout, and your victory in Jesus. God has you in His sight, and He’s zooming in on your situation. You see, far too many people see themselves as victims of their problems because they have listened to the devil for too long. But God will pull you out of your mess of problems and troubles and set you on the solid Rock of Jesus!

    Are you worrying instead of trusting God? The scripture says trust in Him at all times. Lift up the name of Jesus! This is your opportunity for God to move, to bring order, to do miraculous, creative work in your life. This can only be accomplished when your trust is in the Lord.

    I know there are times when it seems like your problems are pressuring you to quit and give up. You may not know how you are going to get through this, but God will keep you on the course when you trust in Him at all times. You conquer your problems and battles with the Word of the Bible.

    Rest assured God is setting you up for the scheduled release from your problems. In life, we all face storms of every kind, but no matter what comes your way, you can receive your victory testimony through the power of God’s Word. You see, when you learn to trust God with unlimited confidence, the Lord will show up for you.

    Do not let your present circumstances dictate for you to worry! If it looks dark in your life, let Jesus brighten your day with His presence. Your greatest battles are won when Jesus takes over! Praise Jesus out of your problems! You see, there’s a Word from the Holy Spirit for the believer to receive when you open your Bible and call out to Jesus.

    What issues do you have that you need a spiritual touch from God? You need to be grounded in truth, and filled with delight in the Lord. Don’t allow your failures, setbacks, or problems to discourage you. God has an answer for every problem you may face today or will face in the future.

    Now, raise your hands and say, “God makes me strong in His Word over my problems.”

    Darrick Bussell is a Deacon and Spiritual Bible Teacher. He spends a lot of time training Deacons how to walk in a Supernatural relationship with God.


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