Top 10 Tips For Happiness Issued By Pope Francis

    Put off the television, calm down and stop forcing people to convert to your religion. These are some of the top 10 tips for happiness issued by Pope Francis early last week, as one of the ways one can have a happy and fulfilled life. While speaking to“Viva” Argentine weekly, he drew on his personal experience to show off his own lifestyle with an anti-consumerist and a humble way.

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    One of his highlights was for the families. They are encouraged to switch off television when they are sharing a meal because it is not easy to communicate with each other well, despite the importance of keeping up with news.

    Pope Francis said it would be much happier when people stop pushing others around their ways of thinking, especially on the region. The Pope said the church grows only by attraction, not by proselytizing. He added that the dialogue is the best way to get through to anybody, beginning with his or her own identity.

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    Pope Francis’s secrets to happiness

    1. Live and let live: This principle should guide everybody. It also has a similar expression to a saying in Rome that says “Move forward and let other people follow you.”

    2. Give yourself to others: The Pope said that everyone needs to be generous and open to others because if you withdraw, you may run the risk of becoming selfish.

    3. Proceed Calmly: The Pope gave an example of a literature book he used to teach in high school about the character gaucho Don Segundo Sombra, who looks back on how he lived his life. The author of the Argentine novel is Ricardo Guiraldes.

    4. A healthy way of leisure: The Pope advised parents to create time and play with their children, and turnoff the television when they have sat down to share a meal.

    5. Sunday off: He said workers should be permitted to rest on Sunday to have a good time with family.

    6. Find modern ways to create dignified employment for young people: He said they needed to be creative with the young generation since they are very vulnerable and can get into drugs if they are not kept busy. He added that this may lead to suicidal cases.

    7. Take care of nature: The Pope said that one of the biggest challenges that people experience is environmental degradation. He said that the humanity may be committing suicide with the tyrannical and indiscriminate use of nature.

    8. Be positive always: He said that talking badly about others could be an indication that someone is suffering from low self-esteem. The Pope said that instead of cutting others down, one can pick him/herself up and look at things positively.

    9. Respect others beliefs, don’t proselytize: He said it is good to inspire each other through witnessing, so that through communicating people may grow together. The Pope said the church grows only by attraction not by proselytizing.

    10. Work for peace: Pope Francis said that their was need for call for peace because we are leaving in times of many wars. He said that peace is always dynamic and proactive.

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