These orphans need our help

    If we cannot go in person, our contributions and prayers can go on our behalf to help those in dire need.

    Mission East is a Danish international relief and development organization, working in Eastern Europe and Asia with the aim of delivering relief aid, support long-term development projects and to empower local aid organizations to carry on the work independently. Making no racial, religious or political distinction between those in need, they aim to assist the most vulnerable.

    The children in this video in an orphanage in the town of Haeju for children aged 0 through 4. The orphanage receives a lot of children from the province of South Hwanghae, who are in a terrible state. A large part of the 218 children in the orphanage are marked by serious malnutrition and spend a lot of time on the naked concrete floor.  

    sleeping orphans

    Mission East Organization supports this orphanage with toys, food, educational materials, winter clothing, blankets, the psycho-social development of these children (through materials and training), and some further nutritional support. Since 2011, Mission East has carried out a number of food assistance interventions for almost 50,000 young children through kindergartens, nurseries, orphanages and pediatric hospitals in North Pyongan, Kangwon and South Hwanghae Provinces. This aid provided a more balanced diet for young children who are at a critical stage for growth. Inadequate nutrition at this age can cause stunted physical growth or psychological problems which can last a lifetime. Recent national nutrition surveys show that 28 per cent of all children in North Korea under five years old are chronically malnourished, resulting in stunted growth. 

    Orphans in a North Korean orphanage

    No matter how small, through giving or saying a prayer for this orphans, we are making a difference. Visit http://www.miseast.org/en/nk for more information.

    Do you know of an organization making a difference in the lives of others? MannaEXPRESS is interested in featuring verifiable organizations and their service to humanity. Contact us at: editor@mannaexpressonline.com.

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