The Things We Take for Granted

    By Diane Dutchin

    [dropcap]H[/dropcap]ave you ever had the wrong impression about something or someone? I can see the heads nodding! We all have and will throughout our lifetime, it is just a part of life. When we turn on the tap we automatically expect cold or hot water to flow. If cold water comes out of the hot water tap, we react as if there was a grave emergency of sorts that would paralyze us from washing the dishes or taking a shower in cold water. Yikes!!

    Be forewarned – if you have an upcoming MRI appointment, do not read any further!

    A few days ago I had to get an MRI done – I’m all good. Thank God! But as I prepared myself mentally for this experience I recall seeing this machine on TV and on the internet and it appears spacious and quite comfortable. I thought the experience would be like taking a ride in a space ship that never leaves the ground.

    Recall the saying “things are never what they appear to be?” I arrived in the Imaging center, was given a two-piece golden brown garment to wear and was led into the MRI room. Upon seeing the machine I thought I was really going to go for a nice ride – it was going to be cool until I looked closer and realized that the size of the hole that I was going to be fitted into was well, not at all spacious. The MRI operator told me that this was going to be the most peaceful 30 mins I’ll have all day. He even offered me my choice of music so I donned my headset and settled in for a peaceful moment. I was also given a beeper to hold  in case I needed to use it! And that was after I was strapped in! Red flag!

    Reality quickly set in when I realized that there was no room to move, especially when I was told to lie still for 30 good minutes. Are you crazy? The MRI operator  left the room and the table I was lying on moved into the body tight tunnel – I could hear the operator’s voice saying “Are you okay?”

    Are you kidding me? Okay? Of course not! No! Liar, liar pants on fire!!!

    Within those 30 minutes:

    I had to pull on every positive mentally stimulating picture to get my mind far far away from the present moment. I did my best to be in a field of beautiful flowers, running, skipping just moving and enjoying the space.

    It kind of reminded me of being in relationships that have been long dead, but we hang on thinking, hoping, praying when the only thing that is happening is the tightening of our muscles, cramping, and jitters which kills our joy and ultimately keeps us confined as prisoners in our own lives.

    Bottom line is – I didn’t realized how claustrophobic I was until that moment, and how much I enjoy movement, space and the wonderful ability to move my limbs which I didn’t really understand until the journey into the MRI machine. So take a moment and regardless of how tired your lovely limbs are, be thankful for the freedom to move! Live a free life in every possible way, enjoy the journey – it is a precious gift!

    I am the music, the song, and the dance. My life is whatever expression I choose to give it. I decide how fulfilled or not I’m going to be. My faith or lack thereof, the positive or negative attitude, I will decide on embracing or rejecting. I am given “today” to live, so I’m going to give it my all and live the best I can for today.

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