The storm has passed

    By Charmaine Austen-Dreyer

    I opened my heart and how I feel
    telling you how much you mean to me

    the dark forces descends like a black cloud
    wanting to devour me

    I understand why Abba says:
    “Fill your heart and mind with Me,
    otherwise, eight more demons comes back to fill the empty, clean space”

    I get tested, health questioned,
    face evil head on
    The Angels sing –test passed successfully

    The Evil one roars like a lion
    Can’t allow this soul to be left pure
    bring an illness long gone past
    binded by God, a final test until the next

    Abba – Father, helps me to turn it for good
    Rest, gather strength, the next task is here
    Do good to others – you’ll inherit the Kingdom

    Thank you that you, my Husband, walk the road with me

    Your purity, goodness in heart
    come to the fore
    you give without question
    you love with understanding

    Without you I am less of me
    I love you with a love God placed in my heart

    You are my friend, my confidant, my lover, my other half

    Always, only you!

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