The revelation and genesis of MannaEXPRESS

    MannaXPRESS May_Olusola_revised1-4 The revelation and genesis of MannaEXPRESS
    May Olusola

    [dropcap]E[/dropcap]verything in life comes in phases. MannaEXPRESS has been the best teacher of this for me. How we handle each stage determines our success or failure. At any given stage, our attitude controls the altitude we attain. If we can just open our eyes of understanding to see beyond today, we can have more than we dreamed of tomorrow.

    In 2006, I was enmeshed in an emotional and mental turmoil that needed divine intervention. When it got to an unbearable level, I was pushed to seek answers from God or continue suffering and smiling. I chose the former as I checked into a hotel room in Desoto, TX and declared a 3 day dry fast. I was prepared to receive or wrestle the answers from my Maker. Instead of the expected, the unexpected came in the form of a mandate to go and start a Christian publication called MannaEXPRESS.

    1n 2010, the frenzy of print publications dying at an alarming rate sunk a hook of fear in me. I decided to concentrate on building an online presence with the hope of giving up the print issues in no time. As I leaned to my own understanding, I began printing MannaEXPRESSOnline.com and maintaining the website simultaneously. In a few months, I was burnt out to the point of throwing my hands in the air of resignation. It just did not make sense for me to keep slaving to make others happy without seeing immediate financial return. Rather than fix my eyes and exercise faith in the vision, false evidence appearing real (fear) kept my eyes on the challenges before me. “Is it fair? Why are things like this?” was my complaint to the Lord. Once again, family, Godly leaders and friends intervened and put me back on track.

    To God be the glory, MannaEXPRESS turned 7 years old in June. To commemorate the years of hard work, tears, laughter, requests from our readers and clients, MannaEXPRESS magazine became a reality this month. Although the vision of going to a full color magazine tarried for some years, it has surely come to pass. I can confidently say if you can see, talk, breathe, walk, dream and picture your vision, then you can definitely have it.

    I have learnt in seven years that:

    1. When the Lord gives you a vision, in the process of believing and running with it, provision will come from Him in ways you least expect.
    2. You have to stand with determination for what you are called to do so you do not fall for just anything. Distractions and discouragement will come knocking but learn to encourage yourself with the word of God. Keep your eyes on the hills of God and not the heels of man.
    3. You must have a plan. Initially, I ran the vision without a plan in place. After many monotonous and costly circles, I realized the importance of planning on a daily basis.
    4.  Be knowledgeable in all aspects of your business.  For the first four years, I wore many hats. I interviewed people, took pictures, wrote articles, laid out the paper and distributed the printed copies.
    5. It is beneficial to find a mentor in your field so you do not reinvent the wheel. When I finally got a mentor, I acquired a reservoir of vital information.

    I thank God for His faithfulness and pray that what He has started with MannaEXPRESS magazine will be permanent, in Jesus’ name.

    May Olusola is the Publisher for MannaEXPRESS. Email: molusola@mannaexpressonline.com for more information.

    May Oyairo
    May Oyairohttp://www.mannaexpressonline.com
    is the Founder and Publisher of MannaXPRESS.

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    1. Great Job, I am so proud of you… keep at it, keep that word and the focus in front of you and greater things will occur…God bless you.

    2. What an encouragement! Giving up is not an option, has never been an option and will never be. Thank you for this one.


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