The Gospel From Generation To Generation

    We hear so much today about the gaps that exist between generations. Researchers spend a lot of time, money and energy trying to define what drives each age group – how they think and what they value – in order to understand the differences and bridge those gaps. While we, as Christians, recognize that people respond to the Gospel in a variety of ways, what I’ve experienced is that the simple message of the Gospel crosses all of those generational gaps. 

    Throughout the years, our worldwide team at EE has seen this in action. When children learn about Jesus, they often become so excited that they can’t wait to share it with their siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and great-grandparents. And many of those children have led their family members to faith in Jesus Christ. Likewise, I have also witnessed teenagers drop what they are doing to listen as someone from my generation shares the Gospel. 

    I have not seen any other message do this. The Gospel is a message of hope, and people of all ages are looking for something to hope in today. It’s universal and transcends generations. Prisoners share it behind cell walls. Seniors spread it through nursing homes. The Gospel can touch the hearts of rich and poor, young and old, across nationalities and even other religions. It has that much power. 

    But what excites me, even more, is the power of the Gospel to multiply through spiritual generations. There is no greater joy than to see our spiritual children begin to share their faith and lead others to Jesus Christ. They become spiritual parents, and we become spiritual grandparents. And, God-willing, even great-grandparents! 

    When we share our faith, we become part of a spiritual chain that keeps the Gospel moving forward from generation to generation. Our contribution, no matter how big or small, will continue to impact lives for eternity long after we are gone. That is the ultimate legacy that God has called every believer to possess. 

    I’ve often heard it said that we are one generation away from Christianity dissolving away. We are that close! All it takes is for one generation not to share it with the next for our legacy of faith to cease moving forward. This is why it is so important to keep the Gospel moving and continue sharing its message of hope with each generation. 

    2 Peter 3:9 reminds us that God is patient and doesn’t want a single person to perish, but we have a task to do. Don’t let a generation gap keep you from sharing the greatest news that you have. We can witness and disciple people across generational lines. Begin praying for an open opportunity to share the Gospel. Then take a step of faith and start that conversation today. 

    Rev. John B. Sorensen, D.D. is the President/CEO of Evangelism Explosion International, headquartered in Arden, N.C. EE has been a leader in equipping Christians to share their faith for 60 years. For more free tips and resources, visit evangelismexplosion.org or follow John on Twitter @JBSorensen. 

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