The Drama Called Divorce by May Oyairo

    [dropcap]R[/dropcap]achel found herself thrust into the spotlight the day she accepted the role of “respondent” in the drama called divorce. It was the biggest joke that became the costliest. Leroy and Rachel were married for only two years though they had dated for eight years. From the day after they exchanged vows until the day Leroy filed for divorce, their union was plagued by third party interference. Rachel and Leroy each had their own set of advisers. It was typical of Rachel to pour her feelings to an outsider than in the ears of her helpmate.

    Why did they bother becoming one when there was more than one in the marriage? Though they had issues like most newly weds, theirs was blown out of proportion by sycophants with shrewd motives. Till the day the curtain of reality ground their divorce drama to a halt, Leroy and Rachel’s foolish play in the court of law entertained the good, the bad and the ugly.

    Pumped up with short-lived confidence from outsiders, Rachel retaliated to Leroy’s divorce petition by hiring a so called experienced family law attorney. With a billing fee of three hundred dollars an hour and twenty five years experience under his belt, she felt she had a legal savior whom time revealed to be a legal Judas Iscariot. When Leroy received the divorce countersuit from Rachel’s attorney, he could not resist the bait of challenge. He immediately exchanged his initial attorney for the missing link between woman and cat; a fierce female attorney! The battle line was drawn: the crown of control became their focus while the interest of their six years old child was pushed to the back of their selfish minds. A mad craving for power had developed overnight in Rachel’s heart while adamant Leroy was not ready to relinquish even a pinch of it. They had no choice but go to war!

    Their respective attorneys rehearsed with them till they staged the first act of this great play during the initial court hearing. It is a day Rachel and Leroy hate to remember. The Judas Iscariots among their friends shamelessly took sides on that day in court. A very daring family friend and girlfriend who encouraged Rachel’s departure from Leroy’s life because she considered Leroy “no good” showed up on Leroy’s side to witness against an astonished Rachel. The Judge was irritated by the show both attorneys put up as they flung their ethics to the wind and joined an independent race for the crown of power. False accusations, lies and slander flew all over the room and at the end of the play both sides were cheered for a brilliant performance. Rachel got their son, Leroy got the house. Temporary orders went into effect as well as temporary hatred for each other. From this point forward both attorneys instigated nothing but animosity between Leroy and Rachel. They directed Leroy and Rachel’s focus down to them (attorneys) instead of up to God. Both attorneys pockets sheepishly bulged with Leroy and Rachel’s hard earned dollars. The things that power struggle does!

    The second act was staged during the second court hearing. It was more intense than the first one. The attorneys showed up with a cloud of deception hanging over their crafty heads. They had just come back from an out of town seminar and most likely settled the case with each other without Leroy and Rachel knowing it. One cannot really blame them. Only desperate people throw their money, privacy and lives into the hands of complete strangers! The audience sat back in glee and watched them massacre on a stand of disdain, what they once shared. At the end of the day, Rachel got the most applause with what the judge awarded her but she lost the little dignity she had as she went home feeling like a victim of rape. It bothered her when she realized that both attorneys are happily married and most likely went home to their respective spouse and relayed the amusement they got from their drama in the courtroom. Rachel was sure that their parts in court that day was still entertaining some couples that were in the audience while she and Leroy were holed up in separate rooms of separate homes secretly nursing the wounds of betrayal they inflicted upon one another.

    A few days after the second act, the wind of reality blew in Rachel’s heart. She welcomed it and for the first time she gave her actions some thought. The truth is she was ashamed, felt exploited and convicted about being out of the will of God. Deep down, she still loved Leroy but the opinion of others caused her to temporarily suppress her feelings or so she thought! With the rain of conviction pouring down mercilessly on her, she repented of her actions before God, cast her power craze into a grave of bygones summoned up the courage she had buried in a pit of pride and secretly telephoned Leroy. To her surprise he confessed that he was also in the valley of conviction.

    Together they had spent twenty three thousand dollars on a divorce neither wanted. For the first time in their relationship, they traced where they went wrong and ended up in the obvious mountain of “physical and spiritual third parties.” They decided to forgive each other and repair the extensive damage they brought upon each other by putting certain principles in place. First and foremost, they quit their roles as “petitioner and respondent” and directed cast members to find amusement elsewhere. Then they stopped channeling their hard earned funds into their attorney’s pockets by abruptly terminating their parts in the drama. Thirdly, they vacuumed the opinion of third parties out of their union and promised each other to confine their affairs to their ears only. No one knew they were back together trying to work things out except their son who joined in keeping their reunion silent.

    Today, Leroy and Rachel are best of friends in a world that promotes division. They went through hell to get to heavenly marital bliss. They gracefully replaced self from the throne of their marriage and rightfully placed God on it. Today, they appreciate and respect each other a lot. Their son is their greatest focus; they stay far away from the crowd and hope others thinking of divorce can learn from their costly mistake.

    May Olusola is the Publisher of MannaEXPRESS.


    May Oyairo
    May Oyairohttp://www.mannaexpressonline.com
    is the Founder and Publisher of MannaXPRESS.

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