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Munroe lived with his parents and 10 siblings in a two-bedroom shack in the Bahamas. They spent their early years sleeping on the floor among rats and cockroaches. At the age of 5, Munroe had his first vision while seated on a heap of dirty clothes. He saw himself as very successful, wearing nice clothes, driving nice cars, and traveling around the world in a private jet.

The desire to live for Christ is far more than a mission statement housed within four walls and dusted off for Sunday or holidays. “We exist to connect ordinary people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ that results in a life lived courageously for Him; which is simply first being, then making disciples.” The “we” to which Bobby Minor is referring is Courageous Church, where he serves as Lead Pastor and Directional Leader. It’s also a well-stated reminder of the Great Commission to which we respond as believers.

If you think ministry is just about attending Sunday morning church service and Wednesday night Bible study, Cornerstone Baptist Church in the Fair Park area of south Dallas will expand your vision. Since 1988, Pastor Chris Simmons has been expanding the vision of what ministry is at Cornerstone and in the community.