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In this message, Pastor Craig Groeschel will help you understand why sexual sin is so easily draws us in, why we can’t allow it to keep its hold on us, and a five-step plan to defeat temptation

Sin first comes as a temptation. The devil does not force anyone to commit sin. He entices, dangles sins and exhibits pleasures of sins but we can choose either to resist or yield to them. He did same with Christ but Christ chose to resist him.

Without thinking I say “Yes, no problem!” Within seconds of getting in my car, this woman was offering herself to me sexually; her demeanor totally changed. She touched my arm and my flesh cried out: “Glory!” I have not felt the touch of a woman in so long. My flesh continued speaking by saying …

There are some things we must watch for to keep Satan and the forces of darkness out of our lives. In Mark 4:14-20, we see how the devil works to steal from us: