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Child molestation in this degenerating world is in on the rise than ever before. Day in, day out, kids are subjected to sexual abuse especially by pedophiles and this destroys them emotionally and socially. Children get to dread a childhood that is meant to be enjoyable and fun filled; a chance to play and laugh with all innocence and naivety is lost…

World-renowned sports physician Larry Nassar is a typical example of a molester who is skillful at his art of molestation. He is so skilled that he has successfully molested over 265 women. Now, these are known cases. He served as a sports doctor for the Michigan State University and the USA Gymnastics.

I was nine years old the night that I told my mother, for the second time, what my stepfather had been doing to me when she wasn’t home. The next day, I sat in an office with a tape recorder and a police officer, describing everything I could remember of the past five years and how it had started and when the last time he’d touched me had been.