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It is a good thing to open a dialogue about sex with your spouse if things aren’t right. But once you initiate the conversation, you must continue with it and not lose hope. Yes, you may suffer blows and hear some things you don’t want to hear, but when you open up the site of a deep wound, the festering substances begin to seep out.

Mark and Grace Driscoll have written a book on marriage, sex, and friendship with your spouse. It’s spicy. No stranger to controversy, Mark Driscoll has received rabid criticism from other theologically conservative Christians for his NC-17 discussions of sexuality. He’s even inferred that marriages would be stronger if wives gave more oral sex.

Millennials want nothing more (and nothing less) than relationship from older believers. They know they’re troubled in their marriages and friendships, and they’re looking to spiritually mature believers to point and model The Way.

Not much, if you’re trying to live a chaste life. Our brains don’t need much of an excuse to think about sex, especially when we’re not having any. So any detailed conversation about sex with your fiancé can easily lead to arousal. In fact, if he is alive and breathing and pumping red blood cells, the conversation is leading to arousal. Might as well just admit it.

“Mmmmm…” That is the sound of Mrs. Happy yawning on a Saturday morning. After a week of hard work and general sleep deprivation, she looks forward to sleeping in a few minutes. Oh, and visiting Mr. Happy. Or Mr. Happy visiting her. However it goes. And everyone is happy in the end, if you know what I mean.

Christian men are well acquainted with this struggle. They want to know how to satisfy their wives and themselves, but wonder if Christian sex allows for turning up the heat inside the bedroom. There is no shame in fanning the flames as sex is as natural as the rising and setting of the sun.