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Dessert: sweet, delicious, immoderate, celebratory. Can you imagine a birthday, wedding, church supper, or special occasion without it? Then why not try a dessert that is totally over the top. It is my German grandmother’s Blitz Torte, a sublime confection of meringue, cake, custard filling, and almonds that is as delectable as it is beautiful. Are you sufficiently tempted?

By Eunice Chege Chicken Coconut Curry This dish is indigenous on Kenyan Indian Ocean coastline, areas like Lamu, Malindi, and Mombasa. Also known as “Kuku Paka” in…

Comfort food. There’s a reason why it’s called that. We think of our favorite dishes from childhood, celebrations, holidays, feasts. Our mouths and noses water at the smell of apples and pastry stiffening in the oven, bean soup simmering on the stove, juicy chicken frying in a pan.

Tacos were first introduced to most of the world by fast food restaurants. They were invariably made with fried corn tortillas and filled with limp shredded lettuce, a few pieces of onion and cheese, some fried, seasoned mystery meat and a squirt of the ubiquitous “taco sauce”, which was mostly vinegar, tomato and chili.

The holidays always mean family and FOOD! The turkey recipe is key to a good meal. Here are 10 of the top turkey recipes for your holiday meal. These recipes range from traditional to unique and there is even a beginner turkey recipe!

It is amazing to see how Christmas is celebrated in different cultures. Below are some popular international Christmas treats you will find on the table of…