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Many people are controlled by emotions – The first step in learning how to spend less is to become aware of your actions and disciplined in establishing boundaries so your emotions no longer drive your purchasing decisions.

A great place to start is to review your current expenses and clarify your future needs. To identify what you will need financially to sustain your current lifestyle after retirement, calculate future expenses by multiplying current expenses by 75%. For some families the reduced cost is based upon the savings recognized by eliminating or reducing such expenses as a mortgage, continued education, work-related commuting costs, and car payments.

With a proactive approach, we can forego potentially dangerous financial consequences. By taking a closer look at some of our most basic decisions, such as maintaining joint credit, and calculating the possible long term cost in advance, we can prevent months or years of unnecessary added grief.

We all have been given gifts for the specific purpose of utilizing those gifts as we interact with the world around us. Whether your gift is song writing, vocal ability, composition, administration, management, producing an album or all the above, we are sometimes limited in how many people we are able to reach with our gifts due to a lack of financial resources.