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In the movie “I can only imagine”, the portrayal of Bart Millard’s childhood abuse at the hand of his father breaks the silence many people endure. Today, our society in America is beginning to open up about many issues so people can have courage to seek help.

After a few sips, only a whisper slipped from her lips. The drink burned her vocal cords. Sly as a snake, a boy’s family concocted a drink in order to harm her. Like Maloti, 50 million other women experience this persecution sealed within India’s borders.

It is the inspiring story based on the journey of “The Lost Boys” who trekked over a thousand miles across Africa to save their lives. Sudan has been involved in a civil war fueled by religious, ethnic, and regional strife since the mid-1980s. Thousands of children experienced unfathomable horrors and unimaginable hardship.

The Song is a modern day adaption of Song of Solomon. Viewers will walk out of the theatre inspired by THE SONG and encouraged to pursue a life of significance yet challenged with the question, “From where does true significance come?”