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The first Mother’s Day after losing my child was devastating for me. I did not want to go to church or hear the word “mother” at all. Going to baby showers was almost out of the question. For years I asked myself, “How will I ever get past this?” I just couldn’t see it.

My mother believed in two things: enjoying life to the fullest and helping people to the maximum. I remember her always reaching for her checkbook and giving to people of all ages.

Mother’s Day is like a minefield, fraught with opportunities for disaster and possible maiming. It’s not as dangerous as, say, Valentine’s Day, but the lingering effects of a badly thought-out gift can be pretty uncomfortable.

This list certainly is not exhaustive, so let’s keep the dialogue going—leave your Mother’s Day gift ideas online…or your warnings.

The second thing that draws my attention is that this girl forced the boy to perform acts of bestiality with the family pet. What that tells me is that at least one of these girls has been exposed to pornography – and not the mild sort, either, but the hard core kind. She’s been sexually assaulted by someone – if not physically, then at least mentally. It’s likely been going on for years.

I remember the first sight of seeing my mother and hearing her screaming shocked me to insistently wanting to jump up at which point my dad showed up and told my mother to cool it and gently pushed my shoulders back down onto the stretcher. It was around then that I realized I was in some kind of pain.