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Then the world changed! Today, in most families, both partners are working and bringing home separate pay checks. What to do?

Don’t be a people pleaser and live up to other people’s expectations, live according to what is the right course of action for your own circumstances and you will be far happier.

The Mr. Jones’s of today will continue to look to the world’s standards by purchasing and obtaining the “in things” in hopes of filling their need for affirmation. In contrast, the rich man, aware he needed to be fulfilled with something more, approached Jesus asking for eternal life.

Sometime during our lifetime we spend more than we planned, saved less than we should have or just made some horrible financial decisions. A few financial misfortunes here and there can add up to a lot of lost cash.

When my family struggled financially, I noticed something seeping up from my heart: a sickening, dog-eat-dog kind of mentality that secretly resented others I knew who were doing better and sought to compete for little scraps of material provision. I thought I was above these kinds of attitudes—I really did.

It’s not an exciting road, it’s a hard path, but I stand here telling you today, that it is the most joyous path. No longer am I a slave to my flesh. No longer a slave to my loans.

Parenthood is a truly amazing experience. In essence, as parents, we are responsible for a tiny, helpless human being. Over time, our children do grow up and become self sufficient, but, as parents, we are very influential in the type of people our children become.