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Everyone is looking for love. We look for love, think we have found it, and then find ourselves disillusioned when the feelings go away. Well what does real love look like anyway? What is the love we all need and want?

The best way to represent Christ and humanity is by putting others before ourselves. These three men in the video below exhibit the true meaning of love, kindness and compassion by caring and sharing their time with a stranger. There is hope for our future. We should all take a leaf from this.

A decision is a deliberate choice and for us, marriage was a serious lifelong commitment that wasn’t to be taken lightly. Sure, we were best friends, we were compatible and we were in love

Love does not insist on having its own way and winning all the time. If you are at fault never hesitate to say you’re sorry. Avoid finger pointing. Marriage may provide you with a convenient scapegoat.