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No one in the world is perfect. We come with our own individual quirks and deficiencies. But there are limits beyond which relationships become unhealthy. The sooner we recognize this the easier it becomes to prevent, avoid or if possible repair dysfunctional relationships. Some traits stand out as destructive.

It’s time to stop briefly and take a look at where you are at this mid-point of your life span. If you spend a few productive hours re-evaluating where you are and where you’re headed, you can create a much more satisfying, productive and fulfilling future for yourself and for those you love.

In our own lives, we each carry a set of metaphorical tools in our pockets. Many of our tools are ones born out of the necessity of our individual experience. Do we move through life with a positive outlook, fierce determination, appreciation, practicality, fear-based mentality?

I woke up one morning with the same dread I’d recognised from a pattern of wake-ups in the recent past. This dread just isn’t me. I hadn’t experienced it in such a while, yet God was using it to remind me of an important aspect of life – a very basic biblical principle – I was missing.