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The life of Sujo John as of today is full of trips to one mission field or the other sharing his testimony and assuring people of the goodness of the God he serves. God has used his ministry to impact hundreds of thousands of people in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. To date they have had successful crusades and evangelistic events in United States, Canada, Singapore, India, United Arab Emirates, Finland, Norway, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Ireland, England, Romania, Philippines, Peru and Ghana.

In my last article, “Utilizing the ‘Leaders Paradigm’ to become a Strong Leader,” I wrote about how using the six pillars of the Leaders Paradigm will guide a leader in the direction they should lead. In this article I will examine what each of the six pillars of the Leaders Paradigm are, what the Biblical foundation for each pillar is, and discuss how each pillar is experienced.

 Apparently he had been violent towards her in their 2 year marriage and so her family advised her (and correctly so) to leave him for her safety.

We may not be kings, but our witness falls into a similar role as Manasseh. There are lots of ways we can do much damage by our mistakes, and many times the damage done is not fixable.