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It is true that a man makes a mistake when he doesn’t incorporate his wife’s opinion into any decision. But to make her make the decision because you are unwilling to is frustrating for most women. And just as hurtful is the husband who only makes decisions that are in his own interests.

I pray for you as my husband, my head, my lord and my man. I pray that you will know the depth and the magnitude of the love that God has for you…

Understanding the responsibility and living it are two separate and specific steps men must act upon. In fact, God places a call on each man to be the patriarch of his family by providing, protecting (warrior), and loving his family well. Many men stumble their way through as family leaders because understanding the role of husband, father, and leader is learned behavior and must be taught by a father or mentor.

I love my husband and I know he loves me, but he does not tell me “I love you” as much as I love him to. He believes saying it once a day should cover for the whole day. Am I being petty or simply saying what I am entitled to?

Mrs. Happy noticed something while raising a son: He experienced the world by touch. He had to set his little paw on everything, causing the occasional mini-disaster in the home and supermarket. (Ah, yes, the giant shattered pickle bottle at Tom Thumb grocery.) And when Mrs. Happy was attempting to discipline her son, she discovered that, for him to “hear” her, she often had to grab his shirt, his shoulders, or the tip of an ear to aid this supposed involuntary function.

Let’s face it, men, we generally need a lot of help with relationships. We often want to just fix things and get on with it. That’s why you’ll hear silly advice like “give her flowers,” “buy her candy,” “say you’re sorry,” or “pray about it.” None of these suggestions are bad in and of themselves. But if you’re just trying to fix things, these gestures are empty, and she doesn’t want them.

“My husband won’t lead the family in bible study or prayer. He won’t even discipline the children. What can I do?”

“Is your husband a Christian?” “Oh, yes.” She replied.

“Have you talked with your husband about how you feel?”

“Yes, I have told him until I am blue in the face about his lack of support in the home.”