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Where one is trapped, they become a slave to the trapper and must have more of the immoral activity to keep them ‘hooked’…

There was a demonic element to my bondage as well. Throughout my childhood strong urges to leap from buildings and bridges relentlessly assaulted me. There must have been an angel holding me back because on several occasions the urge to jump was irresistible and I could not understand what kept me from doing so. “

I don’t know many pastors who would hold their smartphones up in a mirror and snap pictures of their reflection. I certainly don’t know any that would do this while wearing Spandex biker shorts, a muscle shirt, and a backward Kangol cap and then send it to a young man. Moreover, four men have come forward with eerily similar stories, and some have offered details of their experiences with Long that most young men would be too embarrassed to share with their closest confidants, much less the public. That’s a lot of smoke.