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If someone had told me 12 years ago that I was going to end up marrying a homeless alcoholic, I would have presumed they were mad. But that’s what happened. I was 30 years old, happily single, with a successful career as a writer, when I fell in love with a man who lived in a bush.

Ron Hall wanted nothing to do with the homeless, only volunteering at the Union Gospel Mission in Fort Worth to make his wife Deborah happy. But before he could make a difference, he found the people making a difference in him, and it was Denver Moore—the roughest, most intimidating one of them all—who impacted him the most.

No matter the circumstances, hope can tear down the barriers and offer some rest. OurCalling drives out to meet, serve, and invite these men and women to the facility for food, water, Bible study, and a visit to the warehouse. It is not so much about getting them off the streets, as it is about the restoration business—restoring lives, bringing hope, and teaching life skills.

Being a winner at basketball was balm for Yvester’s emotional wounds. At home, he felt worthless; his mother drove home that message. On the court, he was somebody. Friends and family esteemed him, and he fed off of their affirmation. Drinking and drugs were the icing on the cake. First, there was weed, then lines of powdered cocaine, then crack rocks.

The desire to live for Christ is far more than a mission statement housed within four walls and dusted off for Sunday or holidays. “We exist to connect ordinary people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ that results in a life lived courageously for Him; which is simply first being, then making disciples.” The “we” to which Bobby Minor is referring is Courageous Church, where he serves as Lead Pastor and Directional Leader. It’s also a well-stated reminder of the Great Commission to which we respond as believers.

If you think ministry is just about attending Sunday morning church service and Wednesday night Bible study, Cornerstone Baptist Church in the Fair Park area of south Dallas will expand your vision. Since 1988, Pastor Chris Simmons has been expanding the vision of what ministry is at Cornerstone and in the community.

Tillie Burgin is on mission to transform her hometown. A native of Arlington, Texas, Tillie serves as the Executive Director of Mission Arlington, a non-profit organization committed to serving the Lord and their community 364 days a year. Now in their twenty-seventh year, Mission Arlington is devoted to meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those around them.