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Grief greatly affects a person’s mental and emotional health, especially when that person is suffering from addiction. It can trigger depression, anxiety, and irrational behavior, as…

This scene of my weeping grandmother, my observing father and my confused self has haunted me till this day. Had I known, I could have made that day a very memorable one.

The week after my Mom passed away in March, my brothers and their families and I found ourselves in the difficult, but perhaps familiar, position of having to go through all her things. We did this so soon partly because we were all together in one city anyway, so we may as well get it done

Dr. Tony Evans and his family share their thoughts about the sudden passing of their close family member, Wynter Pitts. In this candid conversation, they address questions bordering on faith and loss we have during very difficult moments when things don’t make sense.

The first Mother’s Day after losing my child was devastating for me. I did not want to go to church or hear the word “mother” at all. Going to baby showers was almost out of the question. For years I asked myself, “How will I ever get past this?” I just couldn’t see it.

I can bet Maimuna Anyene, a human resources manager at United Technologies Corp. in West Hartford, Connecticut, was more than excited about her upcoming trip to Nigeria.