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Looking back, was that the epitome of idleness, or what? My act of digging up the past from the grave of yesterday never failed to fatten me with grasps of bitterness. By the time I was through with this sheepish ritual that I find hard to believe I used to partake in, there were always two consequences.

One thing that has changed greatly over the course of Mrs. Happy’s marriage is that she holds her tongue far more often these days.

Lord, reveal my heart. Am I seeking to serve or to exert power? Amen. Especially as we endeavor to minister in spaces where exertions of power are manifest all the time, we’re reminded not to respond like-for-like. Conflict never abates when retaliation occurs.

While it is not in the character of God to curse, it is discovered that the violation of God’s laws triggers curses. God’s laws carry adverse consequences that sometimes result in a generational curse when disobeyed. Therefore God does not need to verbally put a curse on someone before the curse like a time bomb kicks in.

I wanted no part of a… “Do as I say… Not as I do,” religion! So I called myself spiritual. Signifying myself above those who practiced this “God-forsaken” way of life. Until, God revealed to me, my hypocritical ways.

If you have any of these thoughts and feelings, you are not alone! The journey of faith can often contain doubt, questioning, and even frustration. That is normal. It is normal because although God created us in His image to follow Him and reflect his image to the world, the world we are born into has a completely different agenda.

feverishly checked the message boards for post-May 21 updates. All those people who quit their jobs, maxed out their credit cards, drove in RVs that said, “May 21, 2011: Judgment Day”—what would they say now? There were no rolling earthquakes, no bodies released from the graves, no Rapture. Were they despairing? Shame-faced? Repentant?

I was the definition of untouchable in high school: a black girl in a white school, a working-class girl with wealthy classmates, and a Christian girl in an amoral environment. I was a pair of Pumas in a world of docksiders. Rarely asked out on dates or invited to parties.