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Many people are controlled by emotions – The first step in learning how to spend less is to become aware of your actions and disciplined in establishing boundaries so your emotions no longer drive your purchasing decisions.

An eagle can see another eagle as much as three miles away. You need to see your goal so clearly. You have to know what it is, you need to see it, smell it, taste it. You need to get all five of your senses involved.

I strongly believe it will be a year of Unlimited Greatness for you. Even as I write now, I feel an excitement exploding within. In spite of all the chaos that may seem around you, you are set to launch into an appointed season of greatness.

A goal without a time line is like brushing up on your favorite fiction novel. While it might make for some interesting reading, fantasy, by itself, has a weak pulse.

To fulfill a dream, visualize its beginning, middle and end and view it each day to remind of its existence. To breathe life into it create a plan. How will you reach your dream? What steps must you take? What pitfalls might arise? What side tours might you travel? What are potential adjustments that might occur on your journey.