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You say you haven’t gotten around to trying a MannaEXPRESS recipe yet? Well, let this be the month—for perfection. If I could summarize all the glory of summer in one sublime dish, it would be Summer Pasta. Easy, fresh, delicious, and doesn’t even heat up the kitchen. It uses everyone’s favorite summer ingredients: juicy red ripe tomatoes, fresh basil, mozzarella cheese, garlic, and olive oil. Have I whetted your taste buds yet?

There are many health benefits to beans, which are full of fiber that can inhibit cancer and control blood sugar levels. Beans and lentils were among the foods sent to King David’s army to restore its strength.

I just returned from England, which still celebrates an afternoon ritual: tea, specifically, cream tea, or tea and scones. A scone is similar in texture to a baking powder biscuit but sweeter, more dense, thick, and tender. It is a deceptively simple quick bread. Deceptive, because how carefully you handle the dough will decide whether the scone is moistly tender or tough and dry.

The salmon fillets are baked with both olive oil and pomegranate molasses. Once it emerges from the oven, a lemon-maple sauce is drizzled over top.

What is the language you cry in? Can a song of lamentation reconnect us to our roots and bring us redemption? Renew our memory across time, distance, and exile? The Psalms are not just songs of praise and celebration. They are full of lamentations that speak of real sorrows. They often take the form of a cry that God answers in another Psalm. Take for example Psalm 22:2: “O my God, I cry in the day-time but thou dost not answer, in the night I cry but get no respite.” The cry is answered in Psalm 106:44: “And yet when he heard them wail and cry aloud, he looked with pity on their distress.”