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Finding freedom from our OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) involves facing fears, accepting obsessions, surrendering our anxieties to God, believing in the truth, and finally, postponing ritualizing thoughts. If we courageously do all this, we can experience more and more victories from this illness – if we only habitually choose to stay connected to the Vine.

From now on, you must not be fearful. Fear is faith polluted. Fear is faith in the enemy. Faith is trust in God. When you fear, you are saying to God that the enemy has more power than He has.

Life is not one big happy joy ride, everyone goes through trials and experiences times of discouragement and disappointment. We must expect such times as well as better times of joy, satisfaction, and achievement. However, there is no need to fear such trials, because when they come, Jesus will be there, ready to help us deal with them.

Greetings, brothers and sisters in Christ.

This is the month the Lord has made; we must rejoice and be glad in it! We thank God for seeing us from the beginning of the year till now. I pray that uncommon testimonies will be our portion throughout this month, in Jesus’ name. Our prayer focus for the month is Boldness: confronting your fears.