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God’s principles do work in the earth, but they always fall short without an understanding of the gift of Jesus Christ that makes a living relationship with God possible.

Thank You Lord, for being our might and the beginning of our strength, the excellency of our dignity, and the excellency of our power in 2020.

I am walking in perfect health today; I am filled with joy today; I am prosperous and successful today; my dreams are colorful, my visions are clear, and my goals are gigantic, and I am blessed, in Jesus name. My steps are ordered by the Lord (Psalm 37:23).

You can live your dream. Don’t you quit. You do make a difference. As weak and tired as you are, you do make a difference. We all have dreams we are hoping for but sometimes as it goes on we don’t see anything changing. It is easy to get discouraged.

No human being escapes this lifetime without experiencing a hardship of some sort. Everyone will experience their own storms. Sometimes, it seems as though you have it harder than others. And that may be the case. But the way that you handle the situation is up to you. It serves you well to be compassionate with yourself during your time of trouble.

I hear from many desperate single moms trying to keep their sanity while rearing their children and making a living at the same time. This has become a gargantuan nightmare for many young women, men, middle-aged women, and grandmas, who, for many reasons, have ended up with the sole responsibility of caring for young children and teens.