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At the beginning of 2005, my life and the lives of many around me where challenged in ways unimaginable, as I found myself faced with the GREATEST CRISIS of my life. I NEVER (and I do mean NEVER) in a million years, would have imagined that my life as I knew it and every dream I had for others, my family and myself would be shattered. I NEVER would have envisioned that my life would fall apart and that there would be attacks of the magnitude that I experienced. I NEVER would have envisioned the steps that the devil would take to discredit, not only me, my family and my church personally, but also the Kingdom of God. But like most of us, I had became comfortable with my life and assumed that because I was blessed, that really I had nothing to worry about. In reality, I had skipped over the scriptures that forewarned me to be on the lookout. Jesus both forewarns and encourages us that IN this life there WILL BE times of trial and testing.