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Living with a depressed wife can make a marriage feel like living in hell. Her condition may make her unresponsive to your romantic advances…

Some will battle their depression with exercise, some with hobbies, some with recreation, and some with television. Some are satisfied and believe this to be the answer, but there will always be another episode of despair without the relationship of Jesus Christ. At least, this is what I’ve found over my lifetime.

Depression can be a devastating illness. For very severe depression, studies show that antidepressants appear to be rather helpful in alleviating symptoms.

If it were in your power to abolish pain, would you do it? Repeatedly I’ve contemplated this question. Life is hard. You turn the key then close the door behind you, drop your bags on the floor. You reach for the light, but there’s darkness deep inside and you can’t take it anymore. ‘Cause sometimes living takes the life out of you and sometimes living is all you can do. Life is hard; the world is cold.

It is a good thing to open a dialogue about sex with your spouse if things aren’t right. But once you initiate the conversation, you must continue with it and not lose hope. Yes, you may suffer blows and hear some things you don’t want to hear, but when you open up the site of a deep wound, the festering substances begin to seep out.

Life is not one big happy joy ride, everyone goes through trials and experiences times of discouragement and disappointment. We must expect such times as well as better times of joy, satisfaction, and achievement. However, there is no need to fear such trials, because when they come, Jesus will be there, ready to help us deal with them.