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I love vacations. I know, I know – who doesn’t? But, I really do. I love all aspects of the vacation, from the idea to the planning to getting there to coming home.

By Daisy Jacobs Every coin has two sides. If we look at one only, the true picture cannot be judged so it is convincible to conclude with the unbiased result for any religion. Every religion has their own culture and beliefs that no any other religion can abide unless and until it is hurting the

Only one of them, however, hails directly from the United States. Claire, born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, and Sukemi, born in Nigeria, come from different cultures, but share the most important thing: a love for Jesus Christ.

“We used to have a house and were entertained, whereas here we are not,” the little girl said. “But thank God. God provides for us.” When asked what she means that God provides for her she said “God loves us and wouldn’t let ISIS kill us.”

I was nine years old the night that I told my mother, for the second time, what my stepfather had been doing to me when she wasn’t home. The next day, I sat in an office with a tape recorder and a police officer, describing everything I could remember of the past five years and how it had started and when the last time he’d touched me had been.