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We also know that finding time for prayer can be a challenge. We make excuses. We get caught up in caring for our children and all the responsibilities of our day, leaving prayer a distant thought.

If you want to make prayer a priority but cannot seem to find the time, here are some ideas that may help your find time to pray

Selling the Christian faith has come to be one of the core competencies of evangelicals. This has its roots in extending Jesus’ Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) within the circles of our influence. But, there are parts of the faith-life that don’t always sit well. These are some of the realities that Christians can struggle with

We’ve all enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday with food galore, family fun, lots of football, and hopefully some relaxation. Before we know it Christmas will be here and the imminent New Year will be rung in. And both will likely involve even more food, lots of time with extended family members, and perhaps a glimmer or two of relaxation.

These attacks following closely on the heels of the attacks in Paris and the destruction of the Russian airline symbolize the obsession with violence and destruction that seems to have taken hold of many. While the number of official “wars” have lessened over the past few years the intensity and brutality of the fighting has dramatically increased.

Instead of complying, the Muslims passengers stood up for their Christian counterparts by refusing to be grouped into a religious safety net. They weren’t ready to leave the Christians to the nozzles of the terrorist’s guns. They courageously told the gun men to “kill them together or leave them alone.” According to a local governor, one person was killed when he tried to escape after getting off the bus.