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When a person is bound or oppressed, he does things that are beyond human reasoning and plays the fool beyond his or her control. Notice, I did not say possessed. This is because a Christian cannot be possessed–he or she can only be demonized or oppressed. For a Christian to be possessed, he or she ceases to be a Christian, because the demonic forces have completely taken over his or her spirit being. This has to occur willingly. Only an unbeliever whose spirit is defenseless and open to occupation can be possessed.

There are plenty of examples all over the web of rage.  People who seem to have lost their minds, their common sense, their rational thinking and all logic.  It’s like watching a child throw an outrageous temper-tantrum but sadly these are supposed to be adults! 

So in this world of greed and illegal business practices how can you as a Christian stand up and do business and make decent money? The bible is not against business but against sinful business practices. The bible says that unethical, illegal and deceptive business practices are frowned upon by God. But he blesses a righteous business man.

“My husband won’t lead the family in bible study or prayer. He won’t even discipline the children. What can I do?”

“Is your husband a Christian?” “Oh, yes.” She replied.

“Have you talked with your husband about how you feel?”

“Yes, I have told him until I am blue in the face about his lack of support in the home.”

The Story:

However, it did come out in court that Kevin had an “explosive anger” problem. Family members and two psychologists attested to this. One even gave a name for it; while the other agreed Kevin had an anger problem but was unwilling to give it a label. Both psychologists agreed that Kevin showed no signs of mental illness. Kevin’s issues stemmed from childhood where he’d explode for no apparent reason.