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Only one of them, however, hails directly from the United States. Claire, born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, and Sukemi, born in Nigeria, come from different cultures, but share the most important thing: a love for Jesus Christ.

Mrs. Happy had a tough time learning to respect her husband, especially when it came to curbing her naturally nimble (um, sharp) tongue. She felt a “need” to point out his flaws and register her annoyance (check this out: Proverbs 12:16) and undoubtedly hindered her husband’s growth as a leader, businessman, and friend.

With marriage, of course, the course is unknown. Many unknown mountains need to be climbed, not to mention the valleys to be endured. The early going sees much excitement – and maybe some trouble …

Many times I find myself wondering what the word “love” means. Does it really hold no record of wrongs even if you’re constantly afflicted by mental anguish and scorned with disrespect? Is it really unconditional selflessness that encourages you to forgive your offender 70 times seven even if they grieve your spirit beyond comprehension? Is there really love at first sight, or is love an emotion that develops with time and friendship? Last, is it true that love is blind and marriage is the eye opener?

The Story:

However, it did come out in court that Kevin had an “explosive anger” problem. Family members and two psychologists attested to this. One even gave a name for it; while the other agreed Kevin had an anger problem but was unwilling to give it a label. Both psychologists agreed that Kevin showed no signs of mental illness. Kevin’s issues stemmed from childhood where he’d explode for no apparent reason.

There are different ways that people typically deal with anger. Many people internalize their feelings of anger. In trying to avoid dealing with it, unforgiveness and bitterness take root, gradually poisoning their marriage. Turning it inward doesn’t deal with the anger; instead it’s allowed to build up over time.