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Dear Wendy:
I was in a relationship with an emotionally abusive person who often cheated on me and made me feel worthless. I have moved on with my life, but there is so much bitterness in my heart. I want to forgive and forget, but cannot. Please help me help myself.

Not much, if you’re trying to live a chaste life. Our brains don’t need much of an excuse to think about sex, especially when we’re not having any. So any detailed conversation about sex with your fiancé can easily lead to arousal. In fact, if he is alive and breathing and pumping red blood cells, the conversation is leading to arousal. Might as well just admit it.

If you are not married but you’re in a serious relationship that is headed toward marriage, where do you draw the line on physical contact? Do only what you would do in front of your father. If you can’t relate to that because of a broken or unhealthy relationship with your natural father, substitute spiritual father. If you wouldn’t do it in the presence of your pastor, don’t do it.